Easy Guide for Using Your Isatphone Pro

Now that you own an Isatphone Pro satellite phone you may have noticed that it does not function quite the same as a normal mobile phone. Please keep reading for tips on how to use your phone effectively.

To start off you need to turn your Inmarsat satellite phone on. To do this there is a red button on the front of your phone. Hold this down for approximately 5 seconds. The screen should now light up and you are ready to begin.

To make a call you will need to be outside with a clear line of sight to the sky. Your phone will not work if you are inside or if there is heavy foliage blocking the signal. You will need to extend the antenna, for best results place it on a 45 degree angle to the north.

Your phone will now start searching for the satellite. On the top right of your screen, you should see a little red icon. This icon shows you if you have a satellite connection or not.

Once you have a connection your Isatphone Pro sat phone will beep once and you will see a message on the screen saying “Ready for Service”.

You are now connected to the satellite and able to make a call. If you are having trouble acquiring a satellite fix move the antenna around until you get a decent number of bars.

To make a call you dial the country code and then the phone number for example to call Australia you enter the country code 0061 then the number. Keep in mind you need to drop the 0 off the start of the number. For example to call a Western Australian number such as 0892006180 you would dial 0061 892006180. Once the number is entered you press the green dial button and the call will connect.

Satellite phones don’t have a dial tone like a normal cell phone it makes a beeping noise instead of a ringing noise. If you have any trouble you can refer to your user manual or call your service provider for more information.

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